Boulevard Gardens is a large property comprised of uniform buildings. It can sometimes be difficult for visitors to find the addresses of friends and family. There are white plaques on the sides of each building's two entrances that share the letter (A-J), number (1 or 2), and address of each building. Here is a helpful map followed by a list of associated addresses to help locate the correct building. Buzzers for entry are only located on one side of each building (marked below by a bell icon).



All buildings are within Woodside, NY 11377.

  • A1: 30-81 54th Street
  • A2: 54-17 31st Avenue
  • B1: 30-51 Hobart Street
  • B2: 30-69 Hobart Street
  • C1: 55-01 31st Avenue
  • C2: 55-03 31st Avenue
  • D1: 30-45 Hobart Street
  • D2: 30-47 Hobart Street
  • E1: 51-36 30th Avenue
  • E2: 51-34 30th Avenue
  • F1: 30-15 Hobart Street
  • F2: 30-31 Hobart Street
  • G1: 51-28 30th Avenue
  • G2: 51-10 30th Avenue
  • H1: 51-40 30th Avenue
  • H2: 51-42 30th Avenue
  • I1: 56-07 31st Avenue
  • I2: 56-05 31st Avenue
  • J1: 55-23 31st Avenue
  • J2: 55-25 31st Avenue

Back in the day, building locations were referred to by residents with "up back" and "down front." The buildings also have names that many new residents don't realize. These names were how folks referenced buildings in the early years (they're engraved on the building's buzzer panel):

A: Adams
B: Berkley
C: Cabot
D: Decater
E: Emerson
F: Franklin
G: Grant
H: Hawthorne
I: Irving
J: Jefferson


Getting here via Mta

The closest subway stop to Boulevard Gardens is the R/M lines at the Northern Blvd. station. From Northern Boulevard, walk north on 54th Street toward 31st Avenue. When you are at the cross streets of 31st Avenue and 54th Street (where CVS is), you will see the main entrance to Boulevard Gardens right in front of you on the north side of the street (and that building is the 'A' building). 

The bus route that goes right along the Boulevard Gardens perimeter is the Q18 which goes from Maspeth to Astoria and stops at both 31st Avenue and 54th Street beside CVS and also at the corner of Hobart Street and 30th Avenue on the northwest corner of the property.

Photo courtesy of Samantha Yeung

Photo courtesy of Samantha Yeung

traveling by car/taxi

Boulevard Gardens is located two avenues north of Northern Boulevard. The Queensborough (59th Street) Bridge's lower roadway empties out to access Northern Boulevard. From Long Island, you can take the Grand Central Parkway and take the BQE exit, and then exit soon after onto Northern Boulevard from there. Plug one of the above addresses into any GPS and you'll get there easily.